Asset Management Copy

Our Asset Management service provides an innovative approach to managing and optimizing property portfolios.

Our expert team applies sustainable principles to ensure that the assets are managed with long-term value in mind, considering economic, social, and environmental factors. We offer a range of services, including energy performance analysis, carbon reduction strategies, waste management, and water conservation measures.

Our approach includes identifying opportunities for cost savings and revenue generation while reducing environmental impact. With our Asset Management service, clients can be confident that their Real Estate assets are being managed sustainably, delivering long-term value and a positive impact on the environment.

Our Asset Management services includes strategic, technical, legal and financial analysis of portfolio assets, as well as the development of a portfolio dossier identifying opportunities for sale, lease or investment.
Complementary we also support our clients on the evaluation and negotiation of ongoing lease contracts and the implementation of the best strategy for each portfolio.

For a successful sale, we develop marketing and sales strategies to attract the target clients.
Possessing a brokerage license, Core Investments has a well-established and well-developed national and international business partners network which give us access to a wide range of clients worldwide.

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