Investment Advisory

Maximizing Returns, Minimizing Risk: Your Trusted Investment Advisor in Portugal.

One of our specialties is helping clients analyse market opportunities, providing competitive analysis of real estate values, examine the legal framework in terms of permits, building volume, environmental impact and by providing feasibility studies including the expected return of investment.

Our unwavering and straightforward advice helps investors or sellers of assets to maximize the value of their resources, understand the risks and the opportunities by finding the right solution to meet their objectives.

Besides applying our own know-how, we can rely on a network of specialized consultants, architects, engineers, builders, lawyers, and real estate developers to examine a project from all angles.

Our services go through a wide range of options and can include:

Following the procurement cycle, we are constantly screening the market in order to identify the best real estate deals. Matching opportunities to our client’s needs and interests. Our market analysis allows investors to understand the market situation in terms of its attractiveness.

We are permanently analysing market size, future trends, growth and profitability rates. Based on these data, we develop for each investment a feasibility study, presenting its cost structure together with a sales forecast sensitive analysis.

Presentation to the right distribution channels is the key success factor complementing our project planning.

Applying this methodology and using a specific business model for each project, our investors are fully aware of why and when they should invest.

Any investment carries risks and costs that it is essential to know how to predict before any investment decision is made. We help our clients mitigate these risks by providing a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of a property’s technical condition and sustainability features.

Our team combines technical knowledge with sustainability expertise to provide clients with a detailed report, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of a property.

Our analysis enables clients to make informed decisions on acquisitions, disposals, and investments, considering long-term sustainability goals. With our Technical & Sustainable Due Diligence service, clients can be confident that they are making informed and sustainable decisions when it comes to Real Estate.

We have developed specific expertise on the Portuguese Real Estate Market prices, which allow us to successfully lead negotiations and support our investors in order to maximize profitability.

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