Who we are

Who we are

João Vieira da Almeida and Ricardo Gonçalves, the co-founders of Core Investments, bring a wealth of experience to the table. João’s extensive experience in the construction industry and project management, coupled with Ricardo’s consulting experience, provides Core Investments with a solid foundation to provide an end-to-end service for real estate investors and asset owners.

Their journey started in 2007 when they met during their MBA classes, and after years of hard work and gaining experience in their respective fields, they decided to join forces and start Core Investments in 2016. The combination of their expertise and skillsets helped them to create a team that has a unique mix of engineers, architects, and financial analysts.

Core Investments is more than just a thriving company that analyzes the real estate market and investment opportunities, maximizes the value of properties, and navigates complex development projects. As your trusted real estate partner in Portugal, we offer expert project management, investment advisory, and value engineering services with an innovative and sustainable approach. Our team of engineers, architects, and financial analysts is dedicated to delivering exceptional results while maximizing the value of your investment. Whether you need assistance with energy efficiency methods or rehabilitation of existing buildings, or converting a piece of land into a finished residential, hotel, or office building, Core Investments is here to maximize your investments and to minimize your risks.

João Vieira da Almeida

Ricardo Gonçalves

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